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Support Indie Reviewers Project (SIRP)

Indie filmmakers and indie film fans should donate money to indie film reviewers who focus on real indie, film festival, DIY, art house, foreign, experimental, underground, and other non-Hollywood movies.  That way those reviewers can keep writing about those types of movies, and that is of use to indie filmmakers and indie film fans.

I recommend perhaps each indie filmmaker, distribution company, production company, indie film fan giving $5 per indie reviewer, per month, to perhaps 20 indie reviewers or more - to their Patreons or Substacks or other sites. That's $100/month total, and $1200/year. Give less if necessary, and give more, to more writers, if possible.  If thousands of indie filmmakers and indie film fans adopt this practice it would mean a significant amount of money each month to indie film reviewers.

Money should be given as voluntary donations, with no strings attached, and no expectations save for that the reviewers continue to cover real indie films and similar outsider movies.  Reviewers are under no obligation to cover a specific filmmaker or donor or give a positive review to any project.

The goal of the project is to help reviewers keep writing, and to connect filmmakers and reviewers. So that both groups are aware of what real indie movies are out there, or coming. This project would be useful to filmmakers - education and research - and can be thought of as a production, distribution, or education related expense.

In about a week I'll come up with a list of recommended film reviewers to donate to - with links to their Patreons, Substacks or similar sites. In the meantime there is a list in progress at Twitter.

Other indie filmmakers/indie film fans/donors can make their own lists. Leave links in comments below.


- Sujewa


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